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For safe and affordable pest control throughout Garland, call Safe Earth Pest Control at 214-321 BUGS. If you suspect you have termites eating your home, you are not alone in Texas. One of the most feared of all pests is the termite, with the ability to create costly damage to your home in a short amount of time.

Protect your home from expensive termite damage by calling Safe Earth Pest Control to schedule a free Garland home inspection. Their experts will come out and have a look at what’s going on in your home and, if necessary, determine a treatment plan to eradicate termites from your premises.

Termites are known around the world as the silent destroyer, as they can hide and thrive in a home or yard secretly without the homeowner ever knowing they are there. It is only after a vast amount of damage has been done that they are usually found out, after which time it is usually quite costly to assess and repair the damage. Termites eat wood, one of the major components of home construction, making them a terrifying guest.

While there are numerous steps you can take to prevent or reduce your risks of a termite infestation occurring, once they become a problem, the only thing you can do is call in an exterminator to handle the problem quickly. At the first signs of termites, or in the case that you suspect you have termites, call 214-321-BUGS and request a free home inspection to determine the extent of the problem. In the event that you don’t actually have a termite problem, consider the following prevention methods to protect your home:

– Eliminate as many sources of moisture under and around your home as possible. Repair leaking faucets and water pipes, divert water from around your foundation, clean out gutters, keep wood mulch to a minimum around your home, and catch AC condensation in a container.

– Remove as many food sources as possible. Some good rules to follow include: not storing firewood close to your home, clean-up clutter near your house, screen outdoor vents, visually inspect your deck for damage and prevent your wood siding from coming in contact with soil or mulch.

Signs that you may be experiencing an infestation include:

– A sudden sighting of a swarm of winged insects in or around your home
– Mud tubes in crawl spaces or on the exterior of your home
– One or more piles of discarded wings

Studies throughout Texas have found that there are about 20 termite colonies per acre in certain parts of the state. One fully mature colony may be home to a quarter million to one million termites. Don’t take chances when it comes to your home. Protect what is most likely your biggest investment against the damage that termites can cause.

Call for expert pest control in Garland and get rid or termites once and for all. Treatment from Safe Earth Pest Control is safe around children and pets and is very effective for eradicating termites and all other types of pests you may be dealing with. To schedule a free inspection of your home, call 214-321-BUGS.

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